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Mixery-Fun-Travel is dedicated to festival goers who love to go on inexpensive trips to festivals worldwide and the exclusive MiXery Festival Camps.

A trip to a festival will be carried out by either bus, train or even by airplane. We offer different travel packages which can contain accommodation, admission fees, transfer or shuttle rides.

Our qualified team is happy to assist you.

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Offers for the 2015 festival season

2015 year we offer:

- MiXery Festival Camps at MELT, SPLASH & NATURE ONE
- MiXery Melt! Train
- Hotels and busshuttles for MELT
- Busshuttles to MELT from Berlin and back
- Festival tickets for MELT, INMUSIC, NATURE ONE

Crew members for our MiXery festival camps

For our MiXery Festival Camps at Splash, Melt and Nature One we always search crew members.

Your job passes in the construction and dismantling of the camp as well as company care in everyday 6-hours layers.
You get free entry on the festival, catering and a pocket money.

Your interest is woken up? Then contact us at

MiXery Festival Camps

Each year we again offer our exclusive MiXery Festival Camps at Melt!, Splash! and Nature One.

You camp in the fenced MiXery Festival Camp with at most 200 people. Expect a whirlpool, own showers and mobile toilets, breakfast service, music and cool drinks. The tents will be provided by MiXery. An unforgettable Event!