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Melt! / MiXery Melt! Train

from 159,00 EUR | incl. 19 % Tax excl.

Round trip in the MiXery Melt! Train with sleeping facilities during the festival

Festivaltickets are not included!

The comfortable train rides starts Thursday evening in Amsterdam. The train route includes stops at
Den Bosch (S’Hertogenbosch) -  Cologne - Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Essen - Dortmund - Hamm - Minden - Hannover - Braunschweig and Magdeburg.

While the festival takes place the trains serves you as a hotel where you can sleep in your own bed. 6 people can stay in one 6-bed cabin. You can book single beds or a whole 6-bed cabin (then 6 single seats have to be booked by one person).

Bar / Breakfast / Drinks

The train provides a party wagon with DJ and a bar. The bar will be open non-stop during the in- and outbound ride. You can buy breakfast and drinks on the campground next to the train.


You have to bring your own bed linen. Cabins are not lockable. Size of the couch: 185x65cm.
There are no plug sockets in the cabins. You can charge mobiles at the bar during the ride.
You can bring your own drinks and food.


It is prohibited to bring weapons, explosives, flammable, dangerous, illegal or radioactive objects on to the train. The Melt! GmbH & Co. KG and Cool-Tours don’t take any liability for luggage. The owner is in charge of checked in cash, jewellery, stocks, cameras, camcorders and other electronic equipment, computer, supplies and mobile phones. The Melt! GmbH & Co. KG and Cool-Tours take no responsibility for loss or damage for any of these objects, they are your responsibility, look after them. Luggage can only be stored in the cabins under the beds.

Train toilets

The toilets can only be used during the ride and not at stops at train stations. On the festival ground they will be locked. You have to use the local sanitary facilities of the Melt festival.

Sanitary facilities

Till Friday afternoon the Melt Train guests can use the sanitary facilities in the Camping Plus area with their train wristbands. From Friday afternoon only with the Camping Plus wristbands.

Exchange of festival tickets

Melt Train guests get their festival wristbands at the guestlist counter.
The guestlist counter is located at the "Bundesstrasse". There the Melt Train guests also get a Camping Plus wristband, that allows to take the shuttle bus to the festival area, that stops on the road under the bridge.

The guestlist counter is open:
Friday      10:00-02:00
Saturday 10:00-02:00
Sunday   13:00-22:00

The MiXery Melt! hotel train is part of the M!Eco initiative.

Transient department times - the binding ones will follow shortly before the festival starts !!!

Anknunft Abfahrt Bahnhof/ Station Gleis
 open  18:00 o'clock Amsterdam open
 open  19:10 o'clock Den Bosch  open
 open  21:44 o'clock Köln (main station)  open
 open  22:12 o'clock Düsseldorf (main station)
 open  22:29 o'clock Duisburg (main station)
 open  22:44 o'clock Essen (main station)  open
 open  23:07 o'clock Dortmund (main station)
 open  23:29 o'clock Hamm (Westf.)
 open  00:29 o'clock Minden (Westf.)
 open  01:05 o'clock Hannover (main station)
 open  01:48 o'clock Braunschweig (main station)
 open  03:12 o'clock Magdeburg (main station)
 05:00 o'clock  - Ferropolis


Transient department times - the binding ones will follow shortly before the festival starts !!!

Arrival Departure Station Track
 open  03:30 o'clock Ferropolis open
 open  06:12 o'clock Magdeburg Hbf  open
 open  07:05 o'clock Braunschweig Hbf  open
 open  07:49 o'clock Hannover Hbf  open
 open  08:27 o'clock Minden (Westf)  open
 open  09:26 o'clock Hamm (Westf)  open
 open  09:54 o'clock Dortmund Hbf  open

 10:23 o'clock

Essen Hbf  open
 open  10:38 o'clock Duisburg Hbf  open
 open  10:54 o'clock Düsseldorf Hbf  open
 open  11:27 o'clock Köln Hbf  open
 open  12:30 o'clock Den Bosch Hbf  open
 15:00 o'clock  - Amsterdam Hbf  open